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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Roloff Farm "Little People, Big World"

Roloff Farm Hillsboro Oregon (1/2 hour from Portland)

Amy & Jacob Roloff, with the Gunthers

For all of you TLC fans of "Little People Big World" Yes we vistited the farm! We were able to meet the Roloff's Amy, Jacob, Jeremey and to also see Matt (the dad) from a distance. We visited the farm with some great friends The Gneitings, Josh and Whittney and their little baby girl Beca. After walking around the pumpkin patch we took a ride around the family compound getting to see the "Western Town, Swamp Fort, The Castle, and the Roloff family home. At the very end I got a personal picture with Jermey on my phone, and of course Lee being himself shouted "Give her a kiss, just before the shot was taken!" We were both blushing (and of course there was no kiss) I think I was more excited than anyone else to visit the farm, but overall it was a beautiful sunny day SW Portland (Hillsboro) Oregon.
Josh, Whitney, Beca Gneiting, The Gunther Family
Jermey Roloff

Monday, October 20, 2008


After a rocky start we are now settled here in Portland. The first location didn't work out very well, but we are now here in Gresham and enjoying our new home. Lee started school on the 6th of October and spends his days learning about the medicine of chiropractic. Jackson is growing like a weed and will turn 3 months on October 30th, though he is wearing size 6-9 months right now. He is so adorable, and is spends his time smiling, interlocking his fingers, gurgeling his lips and cooing. I am currently training for a marathon in November, I have decided to just do a 1/2 this time and see if I am recovered from preganancy yet. We love all of the green in Portland it is just beautiful, it makes up for the rain. There are so many great running and hiking trails here, we are very excited and blessed to be in this stage of our lives.

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