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Monday, December 28, 2009

Holiday Magic #2

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Holiday Magic

Christmas in Utah has been a whirlwind of events. We braved the icy roads and drove from Portland to Brigham City on Sunday the 20th, deciding to get a Hotel room in our recent home state of Idaho around 2:00 am. After a great nights sleep we were on the road arriving at Lee's Dad's house Monday morning in BC Utah. Jack setteled in for a nap and Lee being the awesome husband he is let me go out for a girls night with some of my best friends. We went to the movie the "Blind Side" and we were not dissapointed. It was nice to get out with just the girls-especially to be back in Utah. The next day we went down to stay in Ogden with Lee's brother's family. Lee was able to get together with his good friends and brother for a day at the gym, while the girls took all of the kiddies to the lights at Willard Bay. We had a great evening hanging out with friends and family, the kids loved the Christmas ornanments that Kathy brought, and Jack loved playing with all of his cousins. Christmas Eve brought more parties, with The annual Gunther Family Lunch at Jack's great Grandpa's house Lloyd Gunther, followed by a Christmas Eve party in Tremonton at the Warburton home (Lee's Mom's family).
We loved seeing all of our Northern Utah friends and family, and look forward to moving back to the area in 2011 when Lee finishes his Doctorate of Chiropractic. I moved to Logan in 2000 right after graduating high school to attend USU. I love the area. I met Lee in 03, and after spending time with his family in Brigham City I knew that this was the place I would raise my family.
On Christmas Eve we headed out to my parents house in Duchesne Utah. We arrived late, but Jack was wide awake and amazed at the 14 foot+ tree in the middle of the great room (it helps to have vaulted ceilings)
We had an amazing Christmas, and as usual Jackson was the star of the show. I am so grateful to have a family who loves and adores my son as much as we do. He loves his papa, and rides the four wheeler with papa to feed the horses. He is Grandma's buddie and loves to play with all of his toys, he asks about "cherry-and Mav" and tells everyone he meets his ABC's. Yes I will throw in my brag of the day on my 16 1/2 month old. He knows all of his ABC's in order or seperate, he can count to ten, knows most of his colors, 3-5 of his shapes and can say three word sentances. He will repeat any word you ask him to, and can fill in the words of his favorite songs. We are working on the letter sounds now, and based on his letter recognition skills I am sure he will know them in no time. We of course like all parents are so proud of him, and are continually amazed at his rapid development and love that he brings into our lives. We are so grateful to have Jackson in our life, and cannot imagine not having his special spirit to brighten our day. Life is good. We are so blessed.

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