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Monday, May 10, 2010

Spring Fever

I have been on somewhat of a blogging hiatus lately, partially due to the demands of a part-time (plus some) work schedule, a curious 21 month old- as well as a host of busy activities.
During the last part of March my parents were able to visit.
We really got out there and made the most of our time, with trips to the Mt. Hood Inn, Japanese Gardens, Restaurants on the waterfront, the Temple, and even a memorable date night for Lee and I in China Town.
It was a great visit, made much easier by the fact that we are now in a house, with a third bedroom! We LOVE being in a house, especially myself. The house is much bigger than our apartment, and its square footage more than doubles on sunny days when Jack is able to play in our back yard.
We love our neighbors, our street, the garage to store our stuff, the park down the street, and the privacy a house provides. Yes, I must say that my love for Portland life has increased ten fold, since making our way to 12351 Stanton Street.

For those of you who know me well, know-that I am a HUGE list person. I make a to-do list almost everyday, I have week lists, month lists, checking off each item as I progress throughout my busy days. So to wrap up our Spring thus far I'm putting it in list format, partially for the simplicity a list provides, and also because I plan on printing off this blog someday and I want to document the day to day trivial events.
Jackson's Spring Accomplishments...
1. He can sing entire versus to several songs, his favorite this week "Lets go fly a kite!" Adorable
2. He knows all of his ABC's and letter sounds, and can speak in sentences-as well as follow 3-4 step directions
3. His best friend is still Mr. K. Mangum, lovingly referred to by Jack as Cable.

4. He caught his first fish this Spring

6. Loves his new art easel, jumping on the tramp with the big kids, and digging in our garden.

1. Is on the down hill slope of school now! 1 year and 4 1/2 months left until we can come home. :)

2. Shaved his head and I love it! Pictures to come.
3. Ran a 1/2 marathon with me at 2 days notice, with no training!

We had such a good time together, even though the race conditions were less than desirable...

Mrs. Gunther (AKA me)
1. Found the most amazing running partner ever! No schedules to arrange, she never complains or goes faster than me, meet the 205! I'm in love. She has helped me get almost a minute faster on average....
2. Is so so so excited for our couples only Summer getaway to the gorgeous Lake Powell I can't even stand it. I used to live and work at this amazing resort during my undergrad summers, and my memories there are truly some of my fondest times.
3. Last but not least, my sister and favorite girl is coming to town this weekend. I miss her terribly and plan on making the most of our time.
4. Oh yes and I almost forgot, I PLANTED A VEGE GARDEN, and flowers! I am so proud of myself, and my sweetie for making the boxes for me! I will post picture updates on my lil' vegetable's as they grow.

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