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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Party Week

We had a busy week. Grandma Peterson flew in from Utah and stayed for a week, we were able to celebrate her birthday at a fancy litte desert retaurant in downtown Portland, as well as Jackson's first birthday party. Jackson loved having his Grandma spoil him, and I really appreciated all of the help with his party.

The birthday balls were a huge hit with the babies, which was a good thing-since the 70 degree weather wasn't allowing for much of our original 'water party.'

It was a great party! We appreciate everyone who showed up to help us celebrate, and all of the great gifts as well!
Jackson got to eat a little dog cake, it was so cute before he started eating it! In retrospect though, I think I will do a different color than muddy brown next year, it looked much too much like
"- - - -"
(u get the picture), but he still had so much fun eating it! He is such a QT, we coudn't imagine our family without him! Happy Birthday little Jack and Grandma!! We love you. Can you sense the apprehension? He wasn't quite sure, right up until he discovered how yummy frosting really is!!

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