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Monday, January 5, 2015

Goodbye Alaska

 We bought our first home on a street called Alaska in the summer of 2012. I was almost 4-5 months pregnant when we moved in.  We let pink balloons out of a card board box signifying the winter arrival of our baby girl to come. 
Our little Provo neighborhood was our home for 2.5 years. In the summer we hiked the mountain range behind our home. In the winter the neighborhood kids used our rock wall as a sledding hill. 

Jack went to his first BYU game while living here, and asked for a blue room. 
We bought a tramp, a fire pit, and a patio set. We felt like real home owners.  Roasting marshmallows with friends, listening to my children's laughs and watching the sun come over the mountain will always be fond memories for me. 

I brought my sweet baby girl home to her nursery here. I nursed her in that chair and sang her to sleep countless times. She took her first step in this house, Jackson turned 4, 5, and 6, while living here. 

We loved our house on the mountain. We said goodbye January 2015, just after Christmas. 

When we saw the street read Alaska we took it as a sign. Lee once lived in Alaska and we knew the house was to be ours. Before we bought the house we said a prayer behind it on the mountain as a family, asking that if it was meant to be ours then we could get it. We got it. We loved it. We learned what we were supposed to learn from it, at least we hope so.  Then one day we knew it was time, just like that. The feeling was heavy, and confusing. I thought Jack would go to this elementary until 6th grade, I thought I would rip out the basement kitchen and put in a library. None of that was to be, and that is okay. Change is good and sometimes necessary for growth. This was our last Christmas at our home, and it was hectic and a little stressful to be honest, packing, ect. But it was still good, it was still Christmas, which is always magical with little ones. We received our accepting offer exactly 1.5 weeks after we listed our home. It was meant to be. 
 This was my favorite view. The climbing vines, the rock wall, the mountains, but mostly because this is where my children played, where Jack learned to ride his bike without training wheels, where they would  draw for hours with colored chalk, and where Jack once sold lemonade with his friends. At the end of it all, we have our memories, We are taking them with us to bigger and better things. We are moving to the lake to start our new adventure in the summer of 2015.
Until then we will call our Springville rental home for a little while.
Goodbye Alaska 2093, and our dog of course, he stayed with our friends on Alaska, where he was the most happy playing on the mountain. 
Goodbye Mogli.

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