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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Portland Baby

Jackson is getting to know his new home in Portland Oregon. His social calender is filling up with trips to the Portland Museum (OMSI), Book babies, and even a Saint Patrick's Day party with one of his girlfriends Charlene. He is a busy body who wants to explore everything around him. At seven and 1/2 months Jack is eager to ditch the crawling, and start walking.
Oh yes and to explain the random green shorts picture, this was the day where Lee had planned to take Jackson swimming at our complex indoor pool, until we realized the water was freezing! At least Jack got to sport his awesome green trunks, and blue tube socks.

In celebration of good ol' Saint Patrick.....Mr. Jackson Lee Gunther , wearing his fancy green Top Hat with Charlene by his side. (thanks maggie :)

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