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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sunday, January 9, 2011

December in Portland..........

We started getting ready for Christmas early this year . Jackie was old enough to really grasp the Holiday spirit and get into the excitement of the 'Guy in Red'
He helped me decorate the tree, and loved listening to Christmas music with me. (We heart our pandora radio station) We took a special trip to the library in November to get all of our Christmas books, and we bought the Polar Express movie in anticipation of our upcoming train ride in Utah.
Jack and I also took numerous shopping trips together in preparation for the big day. We mostly ended up at the mall every Friday, since that is my only weekday off of work, and we try to avoid taking Lee with us on Saturday-since he is not a born shopper like Jack and I.

Yes its true, my little man can shop with the best of them, and of course considering that I could window shop from dusk til dawn I am thrilled. Just give the boy a mall-car/cart to ride in and something tasty to eat and he can shop for hours without complaining. After a few hours we usually visit the indoor play area, but I must say he is my favorite shopping partner at the moment. No whining, complaining, or personal schedule or agenda to keep. Its a great arrangement. :)
By Christmas Jack had memorized all of the kids Christmas songs.
His mind amazes me, I still catch him walking around the house singing "Up on the house top, click, click, click, down through the chimney with old "Saint Nix", adorable!-

Notice the flag near the top of our white tree, this is because Lee has taught Jack the entire
pledge of allegiance.(I will post a video soon). He can say the entire thing on his own, and yes Lee couldn't be prouder.
So Lee thought we should put our flag on the top of the tree, to help with their morning pledge. So as you can see, that is what we did.

We made our annual Gingerbread house, and sugar cookies. It was so much fun having Jack old enough to help me this year. Of course like any 2 year old, he ate way too much candy before we could get it on the house. Our house collapsed a couple of times and Dad came to the rescue. Next year we will go with the pre-assembled kind. :)

The WSCC Christmas Gala

This year we finally made it to Lee's School's Christmas Gala. We went with our friends the Zuckerans and had a great time. The Gala was held in Portland at the Forrestry Center, the food was amazing, and there were different levels to go to, with dancing, booths to chat it, and even a chair lift.
It was so nice to get dressed up and socialize with adults only. We were able to talk with The President of Lee's school and his wife, only to find out that they are good friends with Dr Hansen-Lee's future employer in Orem. Its amazing sometimes what a small world it really is. Nights like that remind me that we really need more dates.

Jackie, Kaleb, Linken, and Travis painting their ornaments.

Since we have lived in Portland we have went home to Utah for Christmas every year around the 17-18. This year Jackson was able to host a cookie and ornament decorating party with his best friends before we left.

I love being a Mom. Having Jackson has really brought the Christmas magic to our little home. It is so much fun re-living the childhood excitement of Christmas, through the eyes of a little boy. Our last December in Portland, was one to remember.

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