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Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

This post is a little late, but we had a great Halloween 2011.  We attended our Ward Halloween Party on Thursday, with two Roman's and a Race-car Driver. 

We met up with our new neighbor Melisa/Ariel the Mermaid, and got to see Jackson's good friend "the other Jackson" :) Jackson Lund.  This is what it is like trying to take a picture of my wiggly Jackson. 

Lee and I also attended a Halloween Party in Brigham City, and after met up with some great friends to go the Haunted Forrest at Sherwood Hills after.  We stood in line for a long time- but the hot chocolate made up for it.

Here is the Group. Alaina and her husband, Lee and I, Pete & Kathy, Kaylee, Josh the monster, & Tim and Anna and their kids Avery and Alex. It was a fun night, though the haunted Forrest was a bit much for the kiddos. We thought it would be a little less scary. Wrong- Tim and Lee ended up carrying two crying kids the whole way through. I think they are still having nightmares. Poor kiddos. Luckily knowing Jacks tolerance for scary stuff we left him with Grandma Donna for a fun movie night. 

 Happy Halloween.................

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Welcome Home Dell..i love u.

This is a picture of my new Dell. Mine is midnight blue. It is perfect. I am in love with my computer. My job requires me to spend A LOT of time crunching data, submitting reports, behavioral plans, functional analysis, projected rationale budgets, ect. Sometimes having the ability to do part of your job from home, is harder than it seems.  I am on strict deadlines, and the work must get done. 
 Lets just face it my old "Acer" just wasn't cut out for those kind of deadlines. It was time for an upgrade. My husband surprised me with this beauty, and yes it has made my life SO much easier. Now if only it could make dinner, I would be set right ;) 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

CornBellys Fall 2011

One Saturday in October Mom ran a half marathon, and Grandma came to support. This isn't a post about that though- this is about the fun we had after those 13.2 miles. Grandma treated us to a trip to Corn Belly's and we had a great day. 

 Jackson is a lucky little boy. He has some amazing grandparents. I am always amazed at how great my Mom is with him. She always gets down on his level to play, and Jackson loves how she will play imagination with him. She always seems to have boundless energy when it comes to her grand-kids. I love you Mom. You are such a great grandma.
Here are some shots of the day, Boo Bunny on the haystack, racing the go-karts

 We saw a puppet show, ate camel corn, sat in an old fashioned fire engine.

 Jackson's favorite part was the corn bin. Jackson loved  the feel if the corn on his feet.

 My little man is growing up so quick, I still think of him as my baby boy, but the reality is he is a big boy. I might need to stop calling him my Boo-Bunny soon, but then again maybe not.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Learning Dynamics Preschool

When we moved to American Fork I knew one of my first priorities was to find Jackson a highly structured academic Preschool. This was important to me. Jackson thrives off of schedules and lists. He loves knowing exactly what comes next. Through my education and work experience I have learned that this is the case for most children to some extent. While of course each child learns differently, some are more visual learners, while others learn better by direct participation-it is true that children need boundaries to feel safe, secure and to learn.
 Jackson is very black and white. He wants to know why he is there, what they are doing at that moment, and what they will be doing next. I researched a LOT of preschools. I knew that I would be working part time, some of those hours I am lucky enough to work from home, but I need to be at the office for meetings at least two days a week. I found learning Dynamics in Lehi, and I immediately knew it was a good fit. I wanted to find a preschool that focused on phonics. I am a strong believer that children can be reading before Kindergarten, and this is something that I want for Jackson.
 Learning Dynamics provides a reading program that will support that goal. Their goal is to help children develop language and comprehension skills through activities that teach sequencing, rhyming, classification, same/different, and opposites. They teach reading through Frontline Phonics, a reading program that was developed at Learning Dynamics and recognized as one of the nation’s leading beginning reading programs.  This is the main reason I chose Learning Dynamics. 

The year has been going great so far. While Jackson is at school I squeeze in a few meetings and paperwork for my job. Its a great fit. Jackson loves his teacher Mrs. Fossenbeck. I love her too, because she is straight forward and even tempered with the kids, she is kind, but in complete control of the class.
 Jackson feels safe and secure at his preschool because he knows what to expect next. He knows that after calender, is circle time, and then learning time. 
I love watching him learn new things. Jackson knew all of his letters and their sounds at 18 months, but what I didn't realize is that he has a harder time recognizing the lower case letters when they are not pared with the uppercase. I am glad that his teacher brought this to my attention, we have been practicing recognizing just the lowercase letters and he has them all down now. 

After a few weeks at learning dynamics he can write the first two letters of his name, which is huge for him. I have worked with him since he was a baby on letter recognition and theirs sounds, but we haven't focused on writing. I am grateful to have good teachers to help me, help my son have academic success.

The most we can hope for our children is that they are life long learners, this is my goal for Jackson. I want him to not only learn, but to "love to learn" and never stop learning no matter what his age. 

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