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Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

This post is a little late, but we had a great Halloween 2011.  We attended our Ward Halloween Party on Thursday, with two Roman's and a Race-car Driver. 

We met up with our new neighbor Melisa/Ariel the Mermaid, and got to see Jackson's good friend "the other Jackson" :) Jackson Lund.  This is what it is like trying to take a picture of my wiggly Jackson. 

Lee and I also attended a Halloween Party in Brigham City, and after met up with some great friends to go the Haunted Forrest at Sherwood Hills after.  We stood in line for a long time- but the hot chocolate made up for it.

Here is the Group. Alaina and her husband, Lee and I, Pete & Kathy, Kaylee, Josh the monster, & Tim and Anna and their kids Avery and Alex. It was a fun night, though the haunted Forrest was a bit much for the kiddos. We thought it would be a little less scary. Wrong- Tim and Lee ended up carrying two crying kids the whole way through. I think they are still having nightmares. Poor kiddos. Luckily knowing Jacks tolerance for scary stuff we left him with Grandma Donna for a fun movie night. 

 Happy Halloween.................

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