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Saturday, January 31, 2009

180 days and counting

180 days and counting
My baby turned 6 months old today. I love to watch him grow, I marvel at the way he has changed, progressed, and taken on this place we call earth . . . while at the same time my heart is heavy as I think of the not so tiny baby I brought home from an Idaho hospital. Like the mothers who have trudged this road before me, I love that he is getting bigger, more independent, and able to entertain himself, but at the same time I want to freeze frame his innocence and keep him as my baby forever. Of course time stands still for no one, each of us transition through the stages of child, teen, adult, parent, and so on…taking on the many roles of our life-and at times it seems, learning the valuable importance of each one, only as the sun sets on a new phase.
Jackson is a wonderful baby, we couldn’t ask for a better son. During his first two months he was somewhat fussy, but his personality took a 180 at about 3 months and he became a very happy-content baby. He is constantly smiling at everyone he meets, I cannot take him to the store or anywhere for that matter without someone stopping me to say “He’s smiling at me,” or “He’s such a happy baby,” usually followed by, “Wow, he is so smiley,” and then the usual “He is so handsome, so beautiful,” I just nod and say I know, while little Jackson has a smile from ear to ear. We can learn so much from our children, they do not judge, they know no malice or prejudice, they exhibit pure joy and happiness so innocently. I am so grateful Heavenly Father has placed this special happy spirit in our family, he is truly blessing beyond description. I love you my little son.
To celebrate his 6 months on earth, I’ve decided to give you a play-by-play of his accomplishments thus far…. (yes I forgot to mention, he is also brilliant, sitting up, army crawling, and rolling over, babbling momma and dada, long before his typical age group, I think it helps that he is in the 99th% for his age group in height and 90th% for weight).
A day in the life of a happy baby….
Waiting for his breakfast..................................................

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Putting The Pack 2 Good Use.

This is Multnomah falls, practically in our back yard!
So beautiful............................................

Yes it is green here all year long, even in January!

As you can see we are sporting Jackson's new Kelty hiking pack. . . we couldn't wait to try it out! ( we purchased this after a recomendation from a friend, I highly suggest it for those who like to get out there and see nature). It was a little windy, but a memorable trip none the less. It is so wonderful to have Lee home on the weekends and to be able to spend it with great friends, enjoying the wonderful scenery Oregon has to offer.

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