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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

An Oregon Summer

Here it is the end of July, almost one year to the day (tomorrow) since Jackson was born and we are in the middle of a great Oregon summer. We have had so much fun this summer, it safe to say we are adjusted to Portland life, and we LOVE it here! :)

This is the first summer since high-school which I haven't been working a 9-5 job, even last July I worked right up until the day i was induced with Jack. Staying home has been a new experience. Now that Jack is turning one, I will be re-entering the workforce, but it has been so much fun having this time at home with him and enjoying our wonderful summer days. So far this summer we have been on a ton of hikes, usually Sunday after church, or in the evening after Lee gets home from school, we will drive up to the Gorge and check out a new hike, so far we haven't been disappointed! Lee and I both love getting out and moving, spending time in nature and teaching our son the importance of an active lifestyle. We even found our own little waterfall, it is a tiny one off the beaten path called "fairy falls."Along with our hikes my summer mornings have included a lot of miles. At least three times a week I am up around 6:00 am, my running girls and I getting our morning dose of fresh air and a great workout, completing our goals and setting new ones. We just finished a 1/2 together and now I'm setting my sights of the Top of Utah full marathon in September. This is truly one of the best parts of my day, waking up before the rest of the world, pushing myself, spending time getting my thoughts in order, and gaining strength from other motivated people doing the same thing.I love summer. I love the heat, the fresh fruit we were able to pick and make jam from, the BBQ's, Jackson's cute tan lines, spending time with our great friends at the pool in our complex, the green everywhere, the fact that the sun stays out until 9:00 pm, my races, my evening walks with Lee, and just the overall feeling in the air. The feeling of freedom, fireworks, parades, carnivals, and good friends. Aww...its *Summer* what more can I say.

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