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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Adults Only Vacay....

As many of you know recently Lee and I were able to take a couples trip to the gorgeous Glen Canyon Recreation area, home of Lake Powell. This larger than life place sits on the Southern Utah & Northern Arizona.
Lake Powell took 17 years to fill, with a storage capacity of 27,000,000 acre-feet, making it the second largest man-made reservoir in the country. What does that mean, well after 300 + dollars in gas and two full pwr. boating days on the lake we were able to cover about 4% of the lake. Its a big place. :) It has so many side canyons that it is said to have more shoreline than the entire west coast. If you have a chance to ever visit this place, I highly suggest you take it, you will not be disappointed.
As you can clearly tell from the last post I have an obvious bias to the place, and was so excited to take Lee back to my favorite place........

It was important for me to share this place with Lee, and I am so thankful he let me take this vacation! It was so very much needed.

We did a little camping.....a little hiking........some boating......a lot of relaxing......And my all time favorite wakeboarding, seriously I would wakeboard and nothing else at LP if I could.

It was an amazing trip, I am so thankful that my parents watched Jackson for us, and took such great care of him. It was so refreshing to see the red rock dessert again. I love the green in Oregon, but my heart remains where the sky is open and the landscape streches as far as you can see. I love the heat, the water and canyon lands. I know this is a place I will go back to several times during my lifetime, the lake is such a part of me.
A girl in my Bunko group also used to work at the Lake. Brenda put it best when she said, "Lake Powell is not just a lake, it is an experience, the lake becomes part of you, and you become part of it- and you have no choice but to return."

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I used to live and work at a place called LAKE POWELL.

For two summers o1, and 02 I worked until noon and was wakeboarding by 2:00

In Lake Powell every day is a great day.....
(Summer 1. Anasazi Inn, Andrea, Maggie and I)

I left USU for LP the first summer w. my girl Dominique and cousin to the middle of no where!
Lake Powell is in the middle of the dessert, with the closest town if u can call 700 people a town about 2 hours away.

meaning...the only people who live at Lake Powell are people who work for the resort. Usually summer college kids like myself, looking for some adventure.

With my freshman year at USU behind me I talked my Best Friend Tyffanie into heading back to the lake. The next Summer did not dissappoint. Here are some of my favorite photos of the lake.

(Working at the Restaurant in our awesome orange shirts.........)

When the sun went down we went Brown Town. (The nickname of the dorms where we lived)

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