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Friday, April 8, 2011

My Bucket List

As I have noted in previous posts I like Lists. To do lists, goals lists, exercise lists, chore lists, grocery lists, monthly-weekly-daily lists, at any given time you will find at least two in my purse.

With that being said I have been throwing around the idea of an actual Bucket List for a little while now. My friend and fellow blogger Penny did one last year, and left me remembering that I needed to combine my goal lists into one.

Its not that I felt compelled to create a list, but more so to put my thoughts and goals in order and in writing to sort of set them in stone. I've always followed a the notion that a goal is just a dream, until written down, acknowledged, and then a pathway created-as to how one will achieve that dream (goal).

There are a lot of things I want to do and accomplish in life, some I know will take years, others I hope to complete much sooner.

Here's the list, in no particular order-since a goal is a goal no matter how big or how small. Some are big dreams, others for fun, some serious, some not so serious.....enjoy. :)

1.Learn to sew
2. Take an Art course from a community college, and then paint a portrait of my children
3. Travel to Italy with my husband
4. Plant a huge garden, and 'CAN' everything in it.
5. Buy a home
6. Qualify for the Boston Marathon

Go on a hot air balloon ride
8. Go to a professional football & baseball game with Lee in season
9. Complete a 1/2 IronMan
10. Pay my respects to Arlington
11. Drive a Sailboat
12. Watch the Launch of a Space Shuttle
13. Go to the Count down of New Years Eve in New York
14. Make a Family Tree Quilt
15. Go on a horse back trip to the Uintahs with my Dad
16. Become a Certified Scuba Diver with Lee
17. Ride in a Helicopter
18. See the pyramids of Egypt
19. Visit Stonehenge
20. Zip Line through a Jungle
21. Own a Canoe or Kayak.
22. Own a timeshare on Lake Powell, and visit once a year
23. Serve a mission with my husband
24. Write my biography
25. Write a biography for my brother
26. Take a pottery class
27. Stand on top of a dormant* Volcano
28. Print off my blog into a book
29. Teach my mom to swim
30. Visit the Grand Canyon
31. Learn to show more Gratitude
32. Volunteer at a Rest home
33. Drive A Sand Dune Buggy
34. Get a Street bike and start riding more and driving less
35. Improve my tennis skills
36. Take piano lesson
37. Run the original marathon in Greece
38. Run the Nike Women's Marathon
39. Sit in for a session of Congress
40. See Cirque Du Soleil in Vegas
41. See the Declaration of Independence
42. Go to the top of the Space Needle in Seattle
43. Go to Law School
44. Have my own library with Hardbacks of all the classics
45. Visit a vinyard, and stomp grapes barefoot
46. Clear the entire wake on a wake-board
47. Get a snowboarding pass to Sundance
48. Witness all of my children get advanced educational degrees
49. Record a CD of My Gram playing the Organ and my Dad singing
50. Interview both of my Grandmas
51. Keep updated babybooks and journals for my children until they can write their own
52. Create special theme bins for each month of the year
53. Move home to Utah
54. Go to Hawaii
55. Visit a friend in a foreign country
56. Research my Family tree, complete geneology
57. Visit the Statue of Liberty
58. Lay on a Sunny Beach every day for two weeks
59. Hike to the Y in Provo
60. Enjoy the Journey

60 it is for now, but at 29 there are at least 40 more to be added-What about you? What is your Bucket List?

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