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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

This post is long overdue. This Christmas did not go as planned, due to some circumstances out of our families control, there were times my Christmas Spirit felt far away.
Though for me this Christmas came with disappointments, it was special because it was our first Christmas back in Utah.
Christmas TImeLiNe

  • We spent a few days before with Lee's Dad's family before the Holiday, it was relaxing and nice to enjoy their company. 
  • On Christmas Eve we kept our annual tradition going, attending the Warburton Family Christmas Party in Tremonton. We enjoyed eating Seafood and visiting with Lee's Mom's side of the family.
  • This year we decided to spend our Christmas Eve sleep at our house, and then drive to my parents in the early morning to attend  church with them. This was not the best plan, and next year we will be tweaking our Christmas plans to make them a little more 3 year old (4) by that time friendly.
  • Christmas morning we woke up early after getting bed way too late and enjoyed a few gifts at home, before we rushed into clean up mode and headed to Duchesne.
  • Once getting to my parents it really did feel like Christmas, their house always feels like home. We spent the day attending their ward sacrament, coming home to way too many presents and then having a wonderful Christmas dinner with family.We even got to go on a Hay ride pulled by the four wheeler around my parents property. It was a memorable Christmas, and despite some disappointments I know that we are so blessed.
  • We had a new years party at my Grandma Peterson's, which sadly was the only time I took pictures through-out the entire Holiday's. A group of us at the party "The younger generation" decided we wanted to take a walk out with the little kids to the "HUT" the hut is a place my cousin Chalene and I built on my Grandpa's ranch when we were little girls. It is a perfect place, built by a little stream surrounded with trees. Of course it looked much more magical through my 7 year old eyes, but I still love to go there, and Jackson loves to visit. My cute cowboy uncle Brett looked like a city slicker tour guide- walking all of us 'dressed up way too fancy' to be on the farmer's- out to the hut. Here we are below, one of my favorite memories of my uncle, and family. Love you guys.

 Jackson fell in love with the haystack. He could have played out here all day.

I didn't take a picture of the actual
"Hut" but here we are about to cross the stream to the huts entrance.

The kiddies enjoyed the a little monkey bar action. Jack is lucky to live close to cousins.

 Here is my Gram telling us all her amazing life stories at the party, and my uncle Bart recording. Priceless. It was a great way to send off the old year. Goodbye 2011- hello 2012. It's going to be a great year.


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cutting Down the Christmas Tree

This is the first year we have a real tree. Lee insisted that we get a tree permit and cut it down ourselves. I wasn't sure this was a great idea, after living in Portland for 3 years I had my heart set on a douglas fir. I had passed the Christmas tree farms so many times, always eyeing the perfect rows of Douglas Fir's,  laid out like tiny statues dotting the Oregon landscape. 
 My parents bought us a permit to Duchesne County,  in Eastern Utah where I grew up.
 After passing nothing but Cedar Tree's and White Pines,  I started to realize that this road did not lead to the tree in my mind, 
 About every thousand tree's I would spot a Blue Spruce like a diamond in the rough, and then it would be gone.
 After a whole day of looking we ended up with, one blue spruce, and a white pine.
 My parents took the Blue Spruce, since it fit in their house a lot better, and Lee really wanted my Mom to have the tree.
 We spent the following day helping my parents decorate their house for Christmas. Jack loved helping Grandma with her turquoise and silver tree.

 After getting the Peterson house ready for the holiday, we loaded up our white pine and headed home.
 The next day my sister Cherlyn and her boyfriend Janzten helped us decorate the tree. Lee and Jack found a creative way to hang the lights. Vaulted Ceilings do lend an advantage to stringing lights.
 Unfortunately Jack has asked to climb up on top of the fridge and onto the wall everyday since decorating.
 He had a great time with his Daddy though. Merry Christmas, what a wonderful time of the year.

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