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Friday, May 27, 2011



by James Baldwin

Know from whence
you came
because if you know
from whence you came
There is no limit
to where you can go.


  • Peterson is a patronymic surname meaning "son of Peter."

  • The given name Peter is derived from the Greek petros meaning "stone."

Family. Enough said.

Pictures by Sharli Fitzgerald

Friday, May 6, 2011

Seattle Easter

Living in the NW Jack really misses his grandparents and cousins around Holiday time, this year we decided to join the Thompson's in Seattle for a family Easter Weekend. Chalene is one of my best friends, we have been through a lot together, and both share a mutual love of EAster. It takes us back to when we were little girls and our Dad's were hiding quarters (in brightly colored Easter-Eggs) around our Grandparents farm. We were always so intent to find our baskets first, and show the other one what we had found. This year Chalene went all out to give our boys the best EAster ever! Thanks cousin, love ya. :) So excited! What eggs have candy in them???
Learning the trade of egg dying...
GO, GO, GO, jack, on the hunt!
The boy waiting to go in after Church. We hid their baskets with a jelly bean trail to each of them. GReat idea chacha

COASTAL LIVING spring break '11'

Spring Break. Just saying the words bring back happy memories. When I was in college working on my undergrad at USU, Spring Break meant warm weather, and sunshine. Good times with my girls, away from school. Mexico, Vegas, Southern Utah, we were off.
I'm out of college now. Living in the rainy NW as a busy working Mom, putting my guy through Chiro school. And I still get giddy when I hear the words Spring Break!! :) :)
This year I planned a trip to the Oregon Coast with one of my old Logan roomies, cousin, and best friend, miss Chalene. My parents decided to come join in, and we all had a super time on the rainy coast. Rain or no rain, we had a great house, a hotub, and a beachfront view, and relaxing family time to ring in one of my favorite holidays.
Loved this house! It was perfect for the 7 of us!
Cousins. Never to old to do a cartwheel :)
I love how our boys are such good buddies....
The Newport Acquarium, big fan of looking down at the sharks.

The crew
My amazing little guy, he is such a smart sweet little man.
His pants were so wet, I took them off and put his boots back on, he loved it. :)
Boys. will. be. boys.
bye mom...
Myles with Mommy Rain Boots=happy feet.
We love Lincoln City.

NW Hikes

I am a Utah girl at heart, but I must say Oregon waterfalls and hiking are hard to beat. We love getting outside and checking out some beautiful scenery, and getting our investment out of our Kelty (which we love). During the warm months we try to go hiking at least once a week. Here are some shots of some recent hikes.

This is our favorite hike Horsetail Falls.
My handsome husband.
Lee and I have hiked all over the Gorge, hiking the horsetail numerous times, taking our good friends the Sajovics a few weeks ago, and my parents who were just here at the end of March.
This is the view from under the waterfall, its a Last of the Mohicans Cave :)
Putting Jack in his throne. I bought this awesome Kelty when Jack was just six months old. It is great fo hiking and can carry a ton of camping gear if needed.
This was a Sunday afternoon walk, just up from the main waterfall Multanomah
Jackson's favorite this is to go under the waterfalls and play, love this boy!

Famous Fall of the Gorge.
This is a hike in Camas WA. It is around Lacamas lake and is more of a walk than a hike. Great for kids and super beautiful. I have been wanting to take Jack and Lee here for a while since I drive by on my way to work at a Camas school, a few times a week.

Gunther Family Picture
Jack at Lacams Lake
This is about 20 minutes form NE Portland, and worth the drive. I have really enjoyed working in WA. I love the little cities just across the river. Its amazing the difference in the two states. If we were going to stay here in the NW (which would never be an option), I think that Camas WA is such an adorable mini city, with great schools, low crime, and beautiful scenery.

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