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Friday, May 6, 2011

COASTAL LIVING spring break '11'

Spring Break. Just saying the words bring back happy memories. When I was in college working on my undergrad at USU, Spring Break meant warm weather, and sunshine. Good times with my girls, away from school. Mexico, Vegas, Southern Utah, we were off.
I'm out of college now. Living in the rainy NW as a busy working Mom, putting my guy through Chiro school. And I still get giddy when I hear the words Spring Break!! :) :)
This year I planned a trip to the Oregon Coast with one of my old Logan roomies, cousin, and best friend, miss Chalene. My parents decided to come join in, and we all had a super time on the rainy coast. Rain or no rain, we had a great house, a hotub, and a beachfront view, and relaxing family time to ring in one of my favorite holidays.
Loved this house! It was perfect for the 7 of us!
Cousins. Never to old to do a cartwheel :)
I love how our boys are such good buddies....
The Newport Acquarium, big fan of looking down at the sharks.

The crew
My amazing little guy, he is such a smart sweet little man.
His pants were so wet, I took them off and put his boots back on, he loved it. :)
Boys. will. be. boys.
bye mom...
Myles with Mommy Rain Boots=happy feet.
We love Lincoln City.

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