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Saturday, July 27, 2013

American Fork Half Marathon

The American Fork Half Marathon was my return to running race after baby. I always have one, a race the signals I'm back, I've reclaimed my body for running, and called it my own. I loved loved loved that I was able to  run this race with my newly relocated  Baton Rouge friend Hilary. I love this girl, we met while we both lived in American Fork for about a year, and then we both moved around the same time as well. She is unique, brave, unapologetic, eccentric, solid, and original. I love everything about her, and I am still looking for a friend like her. So far she is irreplaceable. 
 Morning Yoga with the other runners...........

 Getting ready to hit the pavement for 13.1 miles 
It was a great run. Beautiful scenery, great conversation, and a decent running time. Running is my therapy. 

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