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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy Toes

Somebody had a birthday, so we went out for pedicures...(as if we girls ever really need a good reason)

The best part for me at least was the massage chairs.........oh yeah.
Pretty ladies, pretty toes....

After our Pedicure's we went to Tami's house for a little dessert party.
Happy Birthday to one of my favorite Portland People.......Miss Sabrina Mangum! XO

Going to the Dogs

Growing up at my house, we always had a dog. They were an outside dog, and usually belonged to my brothers, but I claimed them as my own. One of my fondest memories is of our dog Little Ann. She was my brother Cole's dog, and my favorite. When she was just a young pup herself (about a year and a half old) she had puppies. I don't remember the exact number, but
I know it was around 9 or 10. We gave them all away, but that summer was magical. I loved watching her take of her puppies, playing with all of them, and wrapping them in a blanket like they were my babies. My Mom never let us bring them in the house, and I hated to leave them at night. I think I was in 5th grade that year. The picture below wasn't my dog, but it is similar. I love Golden. Retrievers, they are such loyal dogs.
Needless to say I think every boy needs a dog. I really wish we could have a dog for Jackson here in Oregon, we have such a big backyard, it would be perfect. But, now isn't the right time for that. We are just too busy, and don't have the time to care for it.

During the month of Febuaruy we had quite a few dog adventures around our house, and my little man was in heaven.
It was a typical day at the Gunther House, I had just got home from work and Lee was off early from school. It was a warm day and I had left the front door open to get some sunshine in. Jack was playing by the door when suddenly there were 3 dogs in our yard. They obviously new each other, two smaller grown dogs and a puppy. Jack and Lee immediately ran outside and started playing with them. It was so cute to watch Jackson play with the dogs. He couldn't stop smiling, and was chasing them everywhere.
The three dogs kept running in the road, so we decided to put them in the backyard while Lee walked around searching for an owner. Just when Jack and I thought we had it under control, one of the dogs slipped through a slab in our fence and jumped into another neighbors yard. Before we knew it, another of the dogs jumped after his friend.
Jack yelled "Come back Bodger, Come back boy!"
It was the cutest thing ever. He sounded just like the boy from... A Long Journey Home, the original Homeward Bound movie.
This was the best shot I got of all three of them, they were all so crazy. Eventually Lee went on his bike found the two escaped dogs, and their owner-just up the street. It was fun while it lasted.
We didn't need to wait to long to have a dog around again. The next weekend our good friends and neighbors the Parker's went out of town and asked us to Dog sit. We said yes, and loved having Tarbee around. For now we will just dream of the day when we have our own dog. Preferably a lab, or Golden Retriever, they really make the best dogs.

January Grandparents.......

It was so nice to have my Mom come home with us for a week after the Christmas Break. She was able to watch Jack while I worked and give him a break from going to the babysitters. We have a super hectic schedule around here with Lee in school or clinic from almost 7 to 7 everyday, and my working 20-25 hours while trying to run a home, take care of Jack, and stay on track with my running goals we are always busy. There are numerous days when Lee walks in the door and I walk out, so it was nice to have my Mom here, helping with cooking, cleaning, and watching the kiddo. My Dad flew up on the weekend, and we were able to visit the Children's Museum and hit a few Portland sights.
The Children's Museum was presenting their Tinker Toy Exhibit. Jack fell in love with the classic toy. When Lee got home he ordered Jack his own wooden Tinker Toy set from Amazon. I love that it is a wooden toy, and requires imagination from the child. Jack builds bridges, ladders, towers, robots, and so many other things he comes up with.
Jack and Papa playing with the huge Tinker Toy Man.

Brushing the Alligators teeth. The Children's Center has so much for kids to do, and is very educational.
This is Jackson riding at the airport. He was on his way to the ticket line and happy at this point, since he thought he got to go home with Papa and Grammy. Poor little guy was heart broken to see them go.
We had some time to kill so we ate at a restaurant in the Airport. With all of the flights we have taken, and all of time we have picked up family from the airport, we have become VERY acquainted with the place. We have a few favorite stops. Notice Jack eating his ice-cream, that Papa let him have. Gotta love that left over ketchup on his lips, haha.... The boy was in heaven.

Thanks Parents, we love having you. Hurry back.

Friday, March 11, 2011

2011.....a new year

So Yes I understand its March 11th, and yes I am just getting around to my New Years post.....but hey who's keeping track right? :)
After a great Christmas at my parents we headed West. Along the way we stopped at the Peterson Christmas party and spent time with family. It was so nice to spend time with my Gram, and extended family. I really do have the best family. Above are some of the Peterson girls, Me, Cherlyn, Chalene, and Cassidy.

Here is my QT pie with Cousin Myles. I just love watching these two together. Myles's Mommy and I were childhood best of friends and cousins, and I am so glad our boys can spend time together. They were loving Great Grandma's piano.
The Peterson Crew, minus a few....

Here is my cute hubby who is in his last year of pursuing a Doctorate in Chiropractic, addressing the family's Chiro needs. Of course his sidekick in Training Mr. Jackson Lee Gunther, was at his side. We are raising a Hyper sensitive Chiro son...:)

Okay I had to include this. We had the opportunity to stay at the Amazing Thompson Cabin in Sundance Utah. Thanks to my cousin Chalene and her husband. We were leaving for Provo the next morning so that Lee could work with Dr. Hanson (The doctor we are going into business with). This cabin just happened to be between there and our family Christmas party, so we took advantage of it. It is definitely the nicest place I have ever stayed...and probably the most expensive (Robert Redford has a cabin just up the rode, and this one is nicer). U get the picture... So we did our best not to touch anything and leave it exactly as we found it.

The next morning we were off to Provo to Let Lee do his thing, My Mom was coming home with us for a week or so, so her and I hung out in Provo (my future home) and did a little shopping while Lee worked with Dr. H.
After leaving Provo we headed West again. Thanks to a white out blizzard, and Jack losing his lunch in the car and on me, (YUCK)---we only made it to Brigham City and stayed at Lee's Dad's house. Let me just say I never been so greatful to get out of a car. The next morning we stopped by Lee's Grandma W. house for lunch and a quick visit. Jack had a blast playing with Lee's aunt Cami. He is still singing the "Horseie, Horseie, on your way" song she taught him. :)
We stayed the night in Boise again and woke up on New Year's Eve determined to make good time and get home to celebrate the new year...umm WRONG...that was all until a train w. toxic chemicals derailed on our Freeway. 6 hours off of schedule, we made it home around 11:15 and finished unpacking the car at just about midnight. Lee and I just laughed and said... Happy New Year! Good night.
It might not have been the most exciting New Year's Eve I have ever experienced,,,,,,but it will always be memorable.
HAPPY 2011 EVERYONE....only 2 1/2 months late. :)
Make it a great year!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Polar Express 2010!

We had our tickets, we were ready for some Hot Chocolate...and we wanted it HOT HOT HOT..
We boarded the train with cousins............took our seats......and we were off to the North Pole.

This was a special trip for Jackson with cousins, aunts, uncles, Grandmas, Grandpas, and even a great Grandma along for the ride.
We sang Christmas Carols all the way to the North Pole. Drank Hot Chocolate, and ate our cookies too.

After a great deal of excitement and anticipation we arrived at the North Pole. Jackson sat on santa's knee like a big boy and told him that he wanted a Blue Scooter.
And we even recognized one of his elf's! Our cousin McKenzie was Santa's lil' helper on the Polar Express. :)

The Heber Creeper Railway took us safely to the North Pole and back. Thanks Mom and Dad for getting the tickets and making the magic happen.

All aboard.................................................

Merry Christmas 2010

This is what Christmas looks like at the Peterson house....

We always cut our own tree of course.....the taller the better.

On Christmas Eve we light a candle for my little brother Cole. We visit his headstone and remember all the wonderful memories we have of him.

We make yummy cookies for Santa, and try a few ourselves.....

The two stars of the entire Christmas show, the grand-babies..
Miss Blakely Nicole, and Jackson Lee.

Santa Clause found us this year. Jack got his blue scooter along with way too many other toys....

& Of course Papa got him a gun........

Some of us got Penguin PJ's from Gram...........while others wore gingerbread men....
We were blessed to spend another year in the company of those we love, and remember the true meaning of Christmas.
Merry Christmas 2010

Northern Utah pre-Christmas visit......

Our Christmas Blogs are a little late this year, but better late than never. We stayed bus visiting Santa at the Courthouse Villages b a few days before Christmas in Lee's home tome of BC..............

Here's my little cutie playing with cousins. His sweet cousin Callie is just 11 days younger than him. Jackson got to have a sleepover with Cousin Mick, or Mickers as we like to call him. He had so much fun with his older cousin, Here they are eating the big breakfast which Lee is so famous for cooking up....

Grandma Donna has a magical Christmas house. Lots of Christmas ornaments, snow-globes, dancing reindeer, ect. Basically a little winter wonderland for the kids. Jack spent a vast majority of his time in the train room. He was gearing up for our big Polar Express ride a few days down the rode.........(future post to come). This was our last trip from Oregon to Utah for Christmas, next year we will be living there!

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