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Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Stroke of Insight"

I thought this was really an amazing perspective, with unique "insight"

TED talks. Ideas worth spreading. 

"Powerful Stroke of Insight" 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

We just bought a HOUSE

Our first meeting with our real estate agent went something like this. 

Agent: "What kind of home are you looking for?"
Gunther's "We want something that opens up to the mountain, with no one else behind us."
Agent: "Finding a house with a private backyard that opens up to the mountain, is very tricky. 
Gunther's: "We know, but LOCATION is the  MOST important aspect to us. 
Agent: "You are very right, we always say the three L's of Real Estate are Location, location, location.
Gunther's: "Our thoughts exactly." 

Fast Forward a few weeks. I found our house. 
Yes the above house. 
The location was perfect, the house was great, just under 3000 sq feet with a fully finished basement, which as you can see is right on the MOUNTAIN! 
The only problem was we couldn't move until July and this was March :( . Our real estate agent told us to brace ourselves because the house was so well priced and in such a great location, that it would sale fast. And it did, one month later it was under contract, and our house was gone.  

I still drove by the house a couple of times, feeling every time that it was OUR house. I could picture our kids playing on the mountain behind the home. Jack building a hut, our dog chasing little bunnies. Yes very Luara Ingall's style.  The land behind owned by the BLM, which no one could ever build on. 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, vaulted ceilings,  it seemed to have everything I wanted, 
but more importantly at the place we wanted it. 
 I could see it all, and I knew that it was supposed to be our house. I lost any desire to truly look at other homes and time marched on. 
BOOM. May hits. Lee buys a last minute ticket to spend the week in phoenix with his friends to attend a Pink Floyd Concert. The day before he leaves I am at a work meeting, tuning out to check one of my housing sights. Right there in front pops up -My House. 
The house that was under contract to be sold.
 I called the agent immediately and found out that the previous sale fell through at the last minute and -YES the house was back on the market. Things after that point happened so fast. In less than 24 hrs we submitted an offer, secured our loan- and I
put Lee on a plane to phoenix, and started the negotiating process with the seller. 
Which by the way is a lot of work, to those who have never done it- be prepared for stress. 
After an inspection, an appraisal, 3 addendum's to the original contract, we are within days of closing. 
WE are so EXCITED. Our house is so close to being ours ! 
Keeping our fingers crossed nothing goes wrong. 
More pictures to come. 

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