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Sunday, September 30, 2012


Lee and I have moved 11 times in the almost 8 years we have been married, lived in 6 different cities and three states. We have learned that good friends are worth holding on to. 
 While living in Portland we made some great friends. The Mangum's are some of my favorite people. 
They are back living in Utah for the time being, and we love seeing them. 
 Jackson and Kaleb have been friends since they were babies. I met Sabrina at babies book club in the Portland Library. Our husbands were both Chiro students, we both liked to run, so instantly we became friends. 
 Here are the little boys, and cute Avery at our HOA park, as well as the big boys taking turns on the swings
 Boys will be boys, they of course had to wear costumes to the park. 

 Decorating sugar cookies. 
 Jackson loves to spend time with Kaleb, and Avery too, we are so thankful for lifelong friendships.

Friday, September 7, 2012

"Look Mom, no wheels!"

We officially have a bike rider now. Jackson ditched the training wheels in August 2012, and has only looked back a few times. :) 
Our HOA has a private basketball court where we have been practicing. 

(since we live on top of a hill our sidewalk and driveway are a little tricky for little guys just learning) 
 I am proud of this little man for facing his fears and going for it. 

He uses the words of Piglet to help himself conquer his fear.
 "I must be brave, I must be brave, I must be brave!" 

Hogle Zoo

 It was so nice to meet up with some girls from High School for a Zoo Day. We have all lived out of Utah basically since graduation (give or take a few years of undergrad), and now have relocated our families back to the Beehive state. 
Our kids are all about the same age, and had a fun day getting to know each other. I didn't get a picture of the Mom's, we were too busy chatting it up and enjoying some adult time while the kids ran from one exhibit to the next. 

 The big hit at the zoo (at least for me) was the new Polar Bear Exhibit! WOW, I was impressed! Did you know a polar bear swimming underwater is oh so graceful and such an amazing swimmer? 
 I didn't- and I was impressed. :) 

The kiddies on the train ride. 

 It was fun to catch up with old friends, that felt sorta like new friends who I was getting to know all over again. 10+ years will do that to you. 
 I am so glad that we are all back in Utah and hope to see these awesome ladies again soon! 

River Trip 2012

 Jackson had his first river trip in August 2012. He floated the Green River near Flaming Gorge Utah with his Dad and extended family. 
He was so excited to get in the raft. Below cousin Jackson and Blakely explore the raft before taking it on the river. 

 I didn't make it on the raft this year, but I did get some cute shots of the kids before getting they headed out on the river. 

After the river trip we had a nice lunch at the Red Canyon  Lodge. The kids took a break after to swing by the pond. 

The Green River. Flaming Gorge Utah. 2012.  

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Try something for 30 days.......

What are you waiting for. The next 30 days are going to pass whether you like it or not, so think of something you have always wanted to try, and DO IT for 30 days. I dare you. :) Oh yes and watch the video

My first 30 day challenge. 

No SUGAR for 30 days. Sept 4th-Oct 4th

This is a random picture I had to throw in. On July 17th we found out we were having a GIRL. Just four days after moving into our new home. 
I got this cute idea from Pinterest, and Jack was so excited to open the box to see if there were pink or blue balloons. 
It was a fun way to keep him involved in the process.

Don't mind the weeds in our backyard- that was pre-Home Depot Power Tool Trip
 to tame our new yard. :) 
YAY!! for little girls, and all the fun that comes with them. 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Reunion 2012

We went to our annual reunion on my Mom's side during the last weekend of July. This year Lee and I opted to drive and sleep at my parents in their nice temperpedic bed, while Jackson stayed and camped with my parents in their camping trailer.

 Helping Aunt Cherlyn auction off the goods
 The reason we were all there. My Grandma Wagstaff.
 Bidding at the Auction- I scored a sweet baby blanket for Miss Brooklyn

The reunion is always a nice getaway to appreciate the mountains and see family. I wasn't entirely enthused about camping this year because of the pregnancy-but Jackson loved every minute of it. S'mores, cousins, auctions, games, prizes, awesome dinners, and a river to throw rocks in.

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