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Sunday, September 30, 2012


Lee and I have moved 11 times in the almost 8 years we have been married, lived in 6 different cities and three states. We have learned that good friends are worth holding on to. 
 While living in Portland we made some great friends. The Mangum's are some of my favorite people. 
They are back living in Utah for the time being, and we love seeing them. 
 Jackson and Kaleb have been friends since they were babies. I met Sabrina at babies book club in the Portland Library. Our husbands were both Chiro students, we both liked to run, so instantly we became friends. 
 Here are the little boys, and cute Avery at our HOA park, as well as the big boys taking turns on the swings
 Boys will be boys, they of course had to wear costumes to the park. 

 Decorating sugar cookies. 
 Jackson loves to spend time with Kaleb, and Avery too, we are so thankful for lifelong friendships.

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