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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Reunion & a 3rd Birthday

During the first weekend of August we attended the Wagstaff/Price Reunion for my Mom's side of the family. Saturday July 30th was also Jack's 3rd Birthday. He celebrated Thomas The Train Style. 
And got spoiled by his parents, and family. Thomas the Train Tracks galore. 

Dad and the lovebirds at the annual auction. 

This was one of the biggest attractions at the reunion, uncle Maverick's jeep. Jeepin is Jack's new thing. 

We were up North Fork at our families private land, it was so beautiful and refreshing to wake up to this !
This is Jack with his winning blanket, Grammy bought him the lucky ticket. 


This is my Grandma Wagstaff, who is the unofficial head of the reunion. We love this special lady. 
Sweet niece Blakely with her Daddy, I heart being an aunt. 
You can't camp without spending a substantial amount of time around a smoky campfire with those u love. 
I think I see a resemblance? 

Friday, July 29, 2011

Who doesn't love a wedding?

Weddings are G r e a t!! Especially when a: your husband is a best man, b: the wedding is at a an awesome resort/hotel/with golf course/and spa c: Your parents take your son for the whole weekend, and D: The wedding is basically a high school reunion with all of your husbands closest friends, (who by association-happen to be some of your favorite people too!)
The beautiful bride Amy, and Groom Eli Rountree
One of my favorite resorts in logan canyon, just 30 minutes from my Alma Mater
The wedding was so much fun from start to finish. This is a picture is of Cathy and I at the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding. We were able to stay at the resort for two nights with friends staying there too, it was so much fun! I literally felt so carefree, like lee and I were 21 again. :)
lee was able to golf with his friends for 18 rounds, something he rarely got to do while we were in OR, and might I add, he won. Yip my guy, who never golfs, who doesn't own his own clubs beat out a dozen or so other guys who play every other weekend and take it very serious, while lee golfs every couple of years, with his carefree attitude and flip flops. Yes, i'm proud.
This was such a pretty venue for a wedding,
And this guy knows how to wear a tux, still is the best looking husband in the room. biased. i know.

Good times.
My date for the evening. :) I had the best day before the wedding, I read to my hearts content, worked out hard,
got ready without feeling any rush since lee was golfing and and I was childless, read some more, took a walk in nature, ate pita chips and hummus, napped, and savored every minute of my downtime. PERFECT DAY, i say yes.

Tim, Chris, and lee, best friends since Pee-wee football, and beyond
I love this picture. All of the guys in this picture (minus 2) have been best friends since Elementary!!
We still all get together once a year for the annual Friend Christmas party which includes all of these Brigham City alumni and their wives (held at Tim and Anna's house in Hyrum Utah.) It is rare to keep in touch with friends since you were 7 or 8, especially when you live in different states, and have families of your own. They were lee's second family growing up, and have always been there for each other, it is a great bond that they share.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A new Zipcode

84003, is the number at the end of our address these days, we are here in Beautiful American Fork , UT and we lOVE IT! let us show u around,

This park is visible from our house, about 5 houses down the street from us.

This is our church, which is also on our block, across from the park about 5 houses down. Yes, we are in Utah, the land of steeples and parks.

Here are some shots of our house. They aren't the greatest, but you can see the front of it and our side yard.
This is a great house, a huge cement area for RV parking is Jack's new bike riding area. We have a big back yard, and love it!!

I will post pics of the backyard soon.
It needs some tlc, but its huge! We have a lot of different trees, and a big garden area which we will put to use next year.

The biggest change for me (visually at least) is the mountains!! They are massive, and right out our front door.
The other change which I love, is blue skies every day. In Portland there are so many cloudy gray days, I love seeing the sun everyday and blue skies.

Mountain Range View.

We can get to the temple in under 5 minutes.

Mt. Timpanogos.

This is the mouth of AF canyon, I run a lot here, it is very peaceful and serene. We are so blessed to be back home in mountains.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Suavie Island 1/2 Marathon!

On the 4th of July..................
I ran the Suavie Island half marathon with my great friend Tahsha. We had been training together for the past couple of months and both felt ready to reach our goal times. I had such a great time training with this girl, I must say running friends are really the best friends. When else can you talk about bm's, chaffing, husbands, cramps, and any thing else that pops in your head with out feeling the least bit awkward, on a run I tell you!
There is something bonding about waking up at 5:00 AM to run 10+ miles. :)

The night before the race I changed my fueling plans and had two GU's for breakfast, with a 1/2 cup of water. Big mistake. I set my race goal for under 2:00 which felt very achievable considering I had ran a 11 mile training run at under 9 minute miles. The first 5 miles I was set on course running at a 9 mile pace, then mile six hit and and got really sick, puking in a corn field sick, and it wasn't pretty. I ended up finishing the race ten minutes over my goal time, putting my average around 9:30-9:45 minute miles. To say l was disappointed would be an understatement, but considering how my stomach felt for half of the race, I was just glad to finish. My mom, lee, jack, Jordan, Nicole and baby camo all met us at the finish line. Tahsha got her time of 1:43, and am super proud of her. I am grateful to my family for coming out and supporting me, and also to Nicole who really went out of her way to coach and encourage Tahsha and I. I Ioved every minute of training with Tahsha, and I can't wait to do another run with my OR running friends! I am so lucky to have these incredible people in my life.

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