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Friday, September 7, 2012

Hogle Zoo

 It was so nice to meet up with some girls from High School for a Zoo Day. We have all lived out of Utah basically since graduation (give or take a few years of undergrad), and now have relocated our families back to the Beehive state. 
Our kids are all about the same age, and had a fun day getting to know each other. I didn't get a picture of the Mom's, we were too busy chatting it up and enjoying some adult time while the kids ran from one exhibit to the next. 

 The big hit at the zoo (at least for me) was the new Polar Bear Exhibit! WOW, I was impressed! Did you know a polar bear swimming underwater is oh so graceful and such an amazing swimmer? 
 I didn't- and I was impressed. :) 

The kiddies on the train ride. 

 It was fun to catch up with old friends, that felt sorta like new friends who I was getting to know all over again. 10+ years will do that to you. 
 I am so glad that we are all back in Utah and hope to see these awesome ladies again soon! 

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