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Friday, March 11, 2011

2011.....a new year

So Yes I understand its March 11th, and yes I am just getting around to my New Years post.....but hey who's keeping track right? :)
After a great Christmas at my parents we headed West. Along the way we stopped at the Peterson Christmas party and spent time with family. It was so nice to spend time with my Gram, and extended family. I really do have the best family. Above are some of the Peterson girls, Me, Cherlyn, Chalene, and Cassidy.

Here is my QT pie with Cousin Myles. I just love watching these two together. Myles's Mommy and I were childhood best of friends and cousins, and I am so glad our boys can spend time together. They were loving Great Grandma's piano.
The Peterson Crew, minus a few....

Here is my cute hubby who is in his last year of pursuing a Doctorate in Chiropractic, addressing the family's Chiro needs. Of course his sidekick in Training Mr. Jackson Lee Gunther, was at his side. We are raising a Hyper sensitive Chiro son...:)

Okay I had to include this. We had the opportunity to stay at the Amazing Thompson Cabin in Sundance Utah. Thanks to my cousin Chalene and her husband. We were leaving for Provo the next morning so that Lee could work with Dr. Hanson (The doctor we are going into business with). This cabin just happened to be between there and our family Christmas party, so we took advantage of it. It is definitely the nicest place I have ever stayed...and probably the most expensive (Robert Redford has a cabin just up the rode, and this one is nicer). U get the picture... So we did our best not to touch anything and leave it exactly as we found it.

The next morning we were off to Provo to Let Lee do his thing, My Mom was coming home with us for a week or so, so her and I hung out in Provo (my future home) and did a little shopping while Lee worked with Dr. H.
After leaving Provo we headed West again. Thanks to a white out blizzard, and Jack losing his lunch in the car and on me, (YUCK)---we only made it to Brigham City and stayed at Lee's Dad's house. Let me just say I never been so greatful to get out of a car. The next morning we stopped by Lee's Grandma W. house for lunch and a quick visit. Jack had a blast playing with Lee's aunt Cami. He is still singing the "Horseie, Horseie, on your way" song she taught him. :)
We stayed the night in Boise again and woke up on New Year's Eve determined to make good time and get home to celebrate the new year...umm WRONG...that was all until a train w. toxic chemicals derailed on our Freeway. 6 hours off of schedule, we made it home around 11:15 and finished unpacking the car at just about midnight. Lee and I just laughed and said... Happy New Year! Good night.
It might not have been the most exciting New Year's Eve I have ever experienced,,,,,,but it will always be memorable.
HAPPY 2011 EVERYONE....only 2 1/2 months late. :)
Make it a great year!

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