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Saturday, March 19, 2011

January Grandparents.......

It was so nice to have my Mom come home with us for a week after the Christmas Break. She was able to watch Jack while I worked and give him a break from going to the babysitters. We have a super hectic schedule around here with Lee in school or clinic from almost 7 to 7 everyday, and my working 20-25 hours while trying to run a home, take care of Jack, and stay on track with my running goals we are always busy. There are numerous days when Lee walks in the door and I walk out, so it was nice to have my Mom here, helping with cooking, cleaning, and watching the kiddo. My Dad flew up on the weekend, and we were able to visit the Children's Museum and hit a few Portland sights.
The Children's Museum was presenting their Tinker Toy Exhibit. Jack fell in love with the classic toy. When Lee got home he ordered Jack his own wooden Tinker Toy set from Amazon. I love that it is a wooden toy, and requires imagination from the child. Jack builds bridges, ladders, towers, robots, and so many other things he comes up with.
Jack and Papa playing with the huge Tinker Toy Man.

Brushing the Alligators teeth. The Children's Center has so much for kids to do, and is very educational.
This is Jackson riding at the airport. He was on his way to the ticket line and happy at this point, since he thought he got to go home with Papa and Grammy. Poor little guy was heart broken to see them go.
We had some time to kill so we ate at a restaurant in the Airport. With all of the flights we have taken, and all of time we have picked up family from the airport, we have become VERY acquainted with the place. We have a few favorite stops. Notice Jack eating his ice-cream, that Papa let him have. Gotta love that left over ketchup on his lips, haha.... The boy was in heaven.

Thanks Parents, we love having you. Hurry back.

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