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Friday, May 6, 2011

Seattle Easter

Living in the NW Jack really misses his grandparents and cousins around Holiday time, this year we decided to join the Thompson's in Seattle for a family Easter Weekend. Chalene is one of my best friends, we have been through a lot together, and both share a mutual love of EAster. It takes us back to when we were little girls and our Dad's were hiding quarters (in brightly colored Easter-Eggs) around our Grandparents farm. We were always so intent to find our baskets first, and show the other one what we had found. This year Chalene went all out to give our boys the best EAster ever! Thanks cousin, love ya. :) So excited! What eggs have candy in them???
Learning the trade of egg dying...
GO, GO, GO, jack, on the hunt!
The boy waiting to go in after Church. We hid their baskets with a jelly bean trail to each of them. GReat idea chacha

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