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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

CornBellys Fall 2011

One Saturday in October Mom ran a half marathon, and Grandma came to support. This isn't a post about that though- this is about the fun we had after those 13.2 miles. Grandma treated us to a trip to Corn Belly's and we had a great day. 

 Jackson is a lucky little boy. He has some amazing grandparents. I am always amazed at how great my Mom is with him. She always gets down on his level to play, and Jackson loves how she will play imagination with him. She always seems to have boundless energy when it comes to her grand-kids. I love you Mom. You are such a great grandma.
Here are some shots of the day, Boo Bunny on the haystack, racing the go-karts

 We saw a puppet show, ate camel corn, sat in an old fashioned fire engine.

 Jackson's favorite part was the corn bin. Jackson loved  the feel if the corn on his feet.

 My little man is growing up so quick, I still think of him as my baby boy, but the reality is he is a big boy. I might need to stop calling him my Boo-Bunny soon, but then again maybe not.

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