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Sunday, November 2, 2008


Jackson practicing his killer grin!!!

The Gunther's-baby horsie, baby daddie, camo Mama

Our Halloween weekend started when we picked up Aunt Cherlyn from the airport. Jackson waited strapped onto Mom wearing his blue long-johns. Since we had yet to venture to downtown Portland since arriving here, we decided to give it a try. Originally we had planned on taking the Max rail lines, but decided on the Montero instead. We ended up driving to see the Portland Temple in Lake Oswego and then to downtown Portland on the waterfront. Later that day Cherlyn, Jackson and I arrived home to find Lee in the adult baby blue onesie costume we had borrowed from the Gneitings. Needless to see I was surprised, especially due to the fact that he had out-right said he would never wear that outfit (it was pretty-funny -see picture below). The night was full of adventure including locking our keys in the car at the WSCC family party, and then off to the Riley's for a Happy Birthday Julie/Halloween party. Jackson made a grand entrance as a horse while Mom attempted to wear Lee's Army pants and doc-martin's going as camo girl. We had a wonderful weekend including a trip to Seaside (Oregon Coast) on Saturday where we filled up on Seaside salt water candy.

Jackson the horsie, big hit! Thanx Grandma Donna*

We filled up on Salt water taffy and good times We love Seaside!!!

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