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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

4 years of Marital Bliss.......

Four years ago today (May 14th 2005) Lee and I were married in a beautiful cabin in Utah, and then two years later we were sealed for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake Temple(March 2007). I am still completely head-over-heels for that guy, marrying him is the best decision I have ever made, he is so much more than I deserve or expected. I wanted to document a few reasons why I have the most amazing husband, friend and father to my son any girl could ask for.

In no particular order . . .

1. He lets me take as many bites of his food as I want without asking, even after I have stated that I'm not hungry and refused to order my own, and he has the good grace not to call me on it.

2. His smile. Warm, open, and given freely.

3. His tiny guitar, that he has had since I met him, and the fact that he will still play and sing to me.
4. His spontaneity. He is always game for anything crazy, daring or unusual.

5. His utter excitement over my fixing any type of meal, he is so thankful and impressed over something as simple as boiling spaghetti.

6. His forgiveness. He does not, never has, and never will hold a grudge. He even forgives me for the ones I hold. :)

7. He tells me I look pretty (even when I don't)and that he loves me every day.

8. The color of his eyes, deep brown no speckles.

9. His Testimony.

10. His one liners from movies, and how he uses them at the perfect time.

11. His Optimism. His positive outlook is a breath of fresh air.

12. His Unselfishness. He will give a stranger the coat off of his back, and never expect anything in return.
13. His shoulders. They are perfectly broad at the top forming a triangle with his waste, what can I say . . . the guy has an amazing body.

14. His Athleticism. The boy can do anything, dunk, run, flip, hike, swim, spike, throw, catch, kick, & hack with little or no effort, and its usually done better than the guy whose actually trying.

15. His love for the temple, and his unyielding dedication to make it there once a month.
16. The fact that after a full day at school, he is so excited to play with his son-and he never looses patience with him.

17. His commitment to physical activity and good health.

18. His smell. With or without Cologne I love it!

19. His patience for my drama and bossiness.

20. The fact that he is so good natured. He has-in four years of marriage- rarely lost his temper or cool, and is always willing to talk it out-no matter how late it is.
21. His excellent communication and understanding of my needs.
22. The way he cares about our extended family.

23. All of our amazing adventures together from Zuke in Florida, to no lights in Mexico, he is so much fun to be stuck anywhere with. He makes great company in any situation.

24. His Humility. Though he is talented beyond belief at everything he does, he will be the last to tell you so, and the first to compliment you on how great you are.

25. The fact that he works so hard for our family, his desire to succeed and willingness to complete his schooling at all costs is a compliment to the great man that he is.

I love you babe.

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