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Saturday, October 2, 2010

07.30.08 The day that brightened our World.

Flash Back July 30th 2010.

Jack wakes up around 7:30.
"Good morning son, its your birthday!" Jack was so excited to run out and see all of the balloons and birthday decor lining the living room-and of course the chocolate frosted cupcakes sitting on the table. "I want a cupcake he announced!" And that is exactly what he got, right there at 8:00 AM in the morning on a Friday in July, because its not everyday Jack turns #2.

After the cupcake there were presents to be unwrapped- including a large basketball hoop,money for his piggy from friends, a new tent from his best friend K, special packages from Grandparents, and lots singing "Happy Birthday to Jack." It was a perfect Friday, no work for Mom, cupcakes for breakfast, and even visits from friends who wanted to say Happy Day.

A Special Tent from K.

The evening included dinner at our favorite restaurant, "The
Beaches" on the Columbia in Vancouver.
Jack got to throw rocks in the water, and blow out his candle on his big boy dessert.

Jack and his birthday dessert

Lee and our good friend Forrest, who was visiting from Utah and joined us for dinner.

Lee and I taking advantage of a picture moment outside of Beaches.

Forrest and Lee giving Jack a ride.

After Dinner Lee and Forrest went to the movies,
while Jackson and I, had a Mommy-son-date- snuggling in the big bed.

Here is Jack so intent on his movie. :) I love to snuggle my little guy when
he still lets me, he's growing up too fast. I just Love my little man more than words can express.

Happy Birthday Smarty Pants, you are wise beyond your years. Love Mom.

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