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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

29 it is.................

During the last week in September I turned 29. It was a great birthday, it was so nice to have my parents here to celebrate with me. I love having family visit, especially awesome grandparents that give Jack all the love and attention he needs, plus a little extra. :) I also felt pretty spoiled thanks to the all of the great restaurants my parents took us too their treat, and the birthday clothes shopping spree my Mom took me on. It was prefect. Thanks Mom.
Here is my birthday cake, with my dads nickname for me since I was a little girl written on the bottom.

We took my parents to Big Al's in Vancouver, and had a great dinner while Lee cheered for his favorite team the Boise State Bronco's. We were constantly busy while they were here and hit up a lot of our favorite Portland spots,

Our favorite restaurant "Beaches" in Vancouver.
We love this place, it sits right on the Columbia, and you can watch the Sail-Boat's pull right up to the dock and order take out,

We visited the Rose Gardens.

And also made our first official trip to Mt. Saint Helen's

It was worth the drive

On Saturday my parents watched Jack so that Lee and I could go on a date, we went to Barnes and Nobel just to hang out together and read, one of our favorite things to do, and then to a movie. It was some much needed couple time.
My guy.

Later in the week I got to celebrate with the girls at the Cheesecake factory for my birthday, Thanks Sabby for setting up a fun night, with some awesome food! All in all it was a great weekend to turn 29.

I'm 29. It is a great age. So great, that I plan on staying 29 forever. :)

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