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Friday, February 4, 2011

BC Friends

We arrived at The Gorman's house on December 18th after our nice stay in Boise. They are some of are very best friends, and even though we are not related we consider them family. When I met Lee he was actually living with them. We were all excited to see each other and the Jack jumped right in with Tori and Kenzie playing and having a good time. Oh and the dog on the right is
Pete's dog Akeela, she is such a sweetie-a pure bred Mastive.

After hanging out for a while, we got the kids ready for bed- giving Tori the instructions for babysitting and took off with Pete and Kathy for Lee's annual Friend Christmas Party. I have been with Lee for 8 years, and the annual friend party has been going on longer than that. Lee grew up in Brigham City, Utah and maintains close friendships with about 15-20 guys from high school. I have became good friends with a lot of their wives and girlfriends and love spending time with them. The Christmas party was a ton of fun, with the annual white elephant gift exchange, and some good Texas Holdem. Sadly though, my old camera was dead, so possibly in the future I will post some of my friends pictures from the big night. Here is the one picture I got before my camera died of Chris holding his Happy Birthday sign from Miss. Anna. Jack did a great job staying at the Gorman's and Lee and I had such a fun night, getting some adult time and catching up with old friends. I love hanging out with guys who have known my husband since 1st grade! :) I always hear the best stories about Lee from "back in the day!"

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