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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Making our Way Home...

Since Jack is now 2 and requires a plane ticket to fly, we decided to brave the stormy roads and drive home for Christmas. Here is a peak at the inside of our Gunther Caravan, yes we all had our traveling faces on. So serious, :), or maybe we were all just bored and sick of being in the car! :) It was a beautiful drive though, perfect road conditions, clear skies-and great company. Lee remarked that he could drive all night.

But....after 6 hours of driving I was done. YES it was me, not the 2 year old that couldn't take it anymore. This came as a surpirse to Lee and I considering we have drove from Utah To Florida together sometimes driving for 20+ hours with only gas breaks when we first met. We consider ourselves seasoned road-trippers, and would never dream of wasting money on a room after only 6 hours. But............for some reason on this trip I was tired of driving by the time we hit our half way mark of Boise. I begged and pleaded with Lee to get a hotel room, using his biggest weakness "food" against him. "Come on, I said, you know they have a free all you can eat breakfast!" And that did it! We stayed in the amazing Oxford Suites (which I highly recommend to those traveling through Boise). And I couldn't have been happier.

We had a great time, getting some one on one with just our little family before all the craziness of Christmas visiting began. !
The Hotel was a super deal. with
a decent work out facility, really great rooms, a terrific
pool w. hot tub and separate kids pool, and an amazing breakfast included in the stay. IT was a worth every cent. The boys had a great time swimming while I ran on the treadmill and used the workout room.

Here we are all the next morning posing in the lobby of the Hotel. I was feeling super happy about my great nights sleep and workout, while the boys were feeling great about their huge breakfast, and swim time. :) I must say it was a win-win for all! With only six hours left on our journey we headed out on the road again.

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