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Friday, June 24, 2011

Doctor of Chiropractic Degree!!!

When I met Lee he had no intention of going back to school, he had been in the Air-force, studied some at UCLA and here and there-he thought he was done with school. He was 25 I was 21 just finishing my undergrad at Utah State. I didn't push this issue at first, because lets be honest love is blind, and at that point I didn't care if he was unemployed, he was mine and that was all that mattered.
Soon though reality set in, we got engaged then married, I took a job in Idaho right away and lee came with me to Idaho Falls. With his business experience he landed a job in radio marketing, a decent job, but I could tell he wasn't being challenged and he didn't love what he did. After a year in Idaho Falls my job transferred me to Pocatello, Lee had also been taking some classes at the ISU extension in IF, and transferred as a full time student to the Idaho State Campus in Pocatello.
Having a background in Massage Therapy Lee had always wanted to take it a step farther and become a Chiropracter, but the opportunity had never presented itself.
After a great deal of thought and prayer we decided that this would be his career path. It all made sense, he loved working as a massage therapist but never pursued it fully since he felt like there was so much more to offer people. Lee is also very people oriented, he truly loves to help and serve people, and wanted to be in profession where he could financially provide for his family and truly help people. We both strongly believe in the benefits of Chiropractic, and the life changes it can provide.
After both Lee and I completed our schooling at ISU, we left my job in Idaho, and took our two month old and moved to Portland. Three years later we are back home in Utah with an amazing job opportunity awaiting us. I am so proud of this accomplishment he has achieved, he has truly grown so much through this process, and I know that he will be an amazing Chiropractor who will bless the lives of many with his abilities.

A big thanks to my parents, who have supported us ten fold through this process, We love and appreciate all you have done and continue to do for us.

My sister Cherlyn who told me she wasn't coming to the Graduation and then surprised me at the airport! love u sis!

We were also very fortunate to have lee's Dad and two brothers make the trip for his graduation. It really meant a lot to have you there, so thank you again.

Lee and his brother Phil.
This is lee and James Parker, our neighbor and good friend. Since lee took the spilt and most of our close friends didn't, we really missed seeing them at Graduation.
Have you met a more handsome Doctor? Way to go Doctor Gunther, you made it.

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