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Friday, June 10, 2011

Goodbye Jackson

In reflecting back on my time here in Portland I have come to realize that I have met some amazing women. As a working Mom (and a minor control freak :) I take very seriously what Jackson is doing when he is away from me.
Of course I enjoy working (using my education to benefit my family and working in a profession that is both personally and financially rewarding) BUT, with all that being said it is still hard to leave my little man.
I started working just after Jack's first birthday.
Teacher Tami was one of the women who I trusted with my sons care. She went above and beyond my expectations with him, having a little structured preschool for Jack and Linken, learning, doing crafts, exploring, and always making sure he had healthy snacks.

Tami is an amazing girl, and I wish I had more time in Portland to get to know her better. Here are some pictures from the going away party Tami through for Jack with his best pals :)
This in another special girl in our lives. Abbey is also a great friend and Jack's sitter. She has done so much for our family. Jackson loves Travis and Abby, we are really going to miss them.
We had cupcakes, & fruit salsa with pita chips.

Jack loved having his name on the board and a picture of himself blown up.
We have been blessed to have made a great network of friends while Lee has completed his schooling. They have been like a second family to us, and helped to make our 3 years in Portland fly by a little too fast.
Linken, Travis, Cohen, Jack. (missing Kaleb, who didn't want to be in a picture)

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