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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Grammy's 3 week visit

Have I mentioned I have great parents? Well I do. As a teen I didn't always appreciate or see everything that they did for me, but hindsight is 20/20 they say, and I feel like I am beginning to grasp what a lucky girl I am-to have parents that will do anything they can to help my little family, plus more.

These three had way too much fun on the Portland water front, while I was working, I worked right up until we moved. It was a hard thing to leave my job, I had the opportunity to serve many great people. It is the second great job I have left for my husbands employment and schooling, its a good thing he is worth it :)

We can't get enough of the Oregon Coast, one of the best parts about choosing Oregon

My Mom came and stayed with us for our last 3 weeks in Portland. We said goodbye to our home of 3 years in style by hitting up some of our favorite locations
pines to the coast, aww...perfect
The beautiful Tillamook, with breathtaking beaches, and tasty ice cream...YUM!

The Children's museum has been a Gunther Family favorite
, Jack especially loved the clay roomWe had a a busy last three weeks, packing up the house, cleaning, and visiting all of the best Portland spots one last time
Goodbye Portland, we are more than happy to be moving on, but very grateful for the growth we have experienced here.

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