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Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Derby, 2 Rodeo's and A Triathalon later............

Everyone from a small town knows that the County Fair is basically the biggest thing all year.
 In the small town I come from , the  Duchesne County Fair is quite the get together. Carnival, The Demolition Derby which is so packed that if you come on time there will be standing room only, in a huge grandstand. There are two rodeos, a kids buckaroo, pagents, and numerous other "fair" events. We were so excited to live close to home and get in on the action. Lee competed in the Starvation Triathlon, and I did a 5k on Saturday (at an 8:03 pace which I was happy about :) Lee did awesome too,  and it was so much fun to be a part of it all. 
I woke up at 5:30 to run my 7:00 am race, and then headed to the lake to watch Lee finish the rest of his Tri. 
Later that night before the rodeo, Jack went on the rides with his cousins, and loved the orange Train. 
This picture is priceless, these two little boys love my Dad so much. He is an amazing Grandpa. All of Jackson's grandparents give him so much love from both sides, he is a lucky little man. 

Every little boy should get to ride a horse with their Grandpa. Since moving back to Utah Jackson gets to have a lot of sleep over dates with my parents. They might be two hours away, but compared to Idaho and Oregon, we feel like they are next door. 

 Miss Blakely and Cousin Jackson. 
 Jumping on the tramp is a must a Grammy's house. This is just after my 5k run, playing with the babies. Jackson has tried to convince Grammey to let him take her tramp home. lol.
Grandparents were an essential part of my childhood, they taught me many things about myself and shaped the way in which  I view the world.
 It is one of the greatest gifts/relationships that I can offer to my son. This was a huge factor in our decision where to move after our schooling. It was the right decision for us. 

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