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Friday, January 20, 2012

Papa Swims

Since moving to Utah we have been spending A lot more time with family. I have watched my son's relationship grown even stronger with his grandparents and cousins. This is one of the reasons we chose to come back to this state. I have a strong connection to Utah, but all things considered if it wasn't for our family living here, we would most likely be living somewhere with an average year round temperature somewhere near 80'- hence my dislike for cold, gray, and leafless days. 
There are days in January and February where I long for a Phoenix zip code, but then I remember moments captured in the pictures below, and know that I am home. 

"Papa lets go swimming!"  The excitement of this boy at the prospect of a hot tub was immeasurable. 
 Not entirely sure about the cold pool....
 Cousin Blakely arrived at the hotel a little later, and was loving her pool time as well. 

Children have a way of putting what is truly important in life into a broad focus. 
The most important gift we can give them is our time, which is all they really want. 

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