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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Jazz Game

I love the JAZZ. When I was in high school my girlfriends and I used to have Jazz parties. Now of course the Jazz were a different team back then, we are talking Malone-to Stockton days, with Jerry pacing the floor. I remember watching the championship game, and feeling heartbroken after loosing to the Chicago Bulls. The thing is I love watching Basketball, high-school B-ball-Jr JAzz, and NBA- really get my heart racing. I can't play the game to save my life- but put me in front of a good game- and you have one dedicated fan.

Through life's changes I had lost my love of watching basketball for a while. We lived in Idaho for 4 years which meant no NBA team, and we were so deep into our degrees and jobs that attending games just wasn't on the radar.
 Flash forward to Portland- the city where my husband took his family so that he could become a Doctor of Chiropractic, they have a decent NBA team, but we were living the life of students with my part time job, so again not on the radar.

When we moved back to Utah I hung a HUGE dry erase board on the inside of our pantry. In one section I wrote "Utah Bucket List," on that list was to attend a Jazz game. I take my lists very serious. :)
In February my sister and I bought tickets to see the Jazz vs. Lakers with our guys. We were pumped, not only did we get to see the Jazz, but watching the Laker's play was pretty cool too!
Our seats (thanks to Cher and Janzten) were amazing we were right above the Lakers bench, such a great game!
I loved just being on a date with my man, around mostly adults, and the energy of the arena was so contagious, it made we want to jump out of my seat and scream for my team. 

The Jazz trailed most of the game, but had an amazing come back in the fourth quarter and WON the game. The Lakers coach had a mini freak out which was hilarious- and got him ejected from the game. Love it. I see A LOT more Jazz games in our future.

It was fun to watch all of the Laker fan's get super quiet at the end of the game.  GO JAZZ!!

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