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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Temple Weekend

 Living close to family has it perks. One of them being overnight babysitters. Lee's brother begged to have our son for the weekend, and we happily gave in. 
 Utah Capital. Favorite SLC neighborhood. 

We spent the night in the city and basically just "hung out" with no interruptions, something that isn't always possible with a 3 year old around. 
 We had some of the most amazing Sushi at this cute little Sushi Bar near the Delta Center
 (aka Energy Arena) 
 Then off to the temple. 7 years ago we were married, 2 years later we were sealed in the SLC Temple. This was our first visit back to that amazing temple 5 years later. 
 The architecture and story behind this temple speaks volumes for the saints who sacrificed to  make it a reality. 
 This is  a stature near the new City Creek Center. The walkway with the new creek running through really adds a lot to downtown. 
Clarity. Peace. Hope. Eternity. 

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