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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Journey to the Past

 Heber City Utah. If you have the chance to visit you should. Nestled against the Wasatch Mountain Range and the Uintah Mountains, sitting below the beautiful backdrop of Timpanogas peak, it is truly breathtaking. My Grandma, Jacks great grandma Peterson or Grandma Piano as he likes to call her, just happens to live up a country road in Center Creek. 
We were lucky enough to have a sleepover and Jack got to explore the farm like only a 3 year old can. 
Old Tractors, and my late grandpa's truck. These pictures bring back memories of my childhood, riding in the old Dodge to get an Almond Joy with grandpa. Playing in the hay barn with my best cousin Chalene-getting in trouble by our parents because we were covered in hay when it was time for church. Seeing these pictures makes me think of a quote someone told me not long ago, "The days go by slow,  but the years they just fly by." So true, so very true.
The swing is a big hit with all the kids. 

 I 'm glad I can show Jackson a little bit of the past the still alive and well in Heber Valley.  We love you Grandma Piano. 

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