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Friday, August 31, 2012


I'm sorry there won't be any cute tummy pictures on this post, or any post for that matter- since lets be honest I look anything but cute at this point. :) On a sidenote here- I love prego belly pictures of other people. When I 'm not pregnant (and when I am)  I always marvel how beautiful prego women are, I think they are absolutely glowing and look gorgeous. When I see them at the swimming pool with their cute bellies I think-when I'm prego I'm going to rock the bump. Then I get prego and reality hits- I never feel that way. So yes I think pregnancy looks so beautiful on other women, I just can't seem to adopt that way of thinking for myself. 

I am pregnant with a baby girl due the end of November (or possibly the beginning of December) 2012.
 I suffered a miscarriage last December, followed by crazy thyroid issues, became pregnant, was sicker than I have EVER been in my life, developed a subcorionic hemorrhage, was put on modified bed rest with no exercise for 4 months (not even walking), and here I am about 7 months prego, and as big as a house, dreaming of the day I can run again without my thighs playing music. 

 I think you are getting the picture. I SUCK at being pregnant. 

Now don't get me wrong, we are over-joyed to welcome a beautiful baby girl to our family. 
We wanted this baby more than anything
We planned for this baby
We wanted our kids 3-4 years apart
We just bought a house, so this is great timing
We both have great jobs
My job is flexible, and supports my Maternity leave....
Jackson is so excited to be a big brother
We have dreamed about having another baby for a while now, 

So yes I  am so excited to have a baby girl, paint her nursery, buy bows, and cute leggings.
 I am so grateful that Heavenly Father has given  me a body that can get pregnant, hold and deliver a healthy baby.
 I feel a tiny bit guilty for complaining, when I have friends who can't get pregnant. I know I am blessed. I know pregnancy is miracle. 
And yes I know it's taboo to say, and everyone reminds  me how beautiful and glowing I am, (please don't lie)  but really people lets not get confused, I love my baby, I want her here............................................. and YES....I do loath pregnancy, in every way shape and form. (well besides the actual getting a baby part- that I love) 

The  article below sums up exactly how I feel about those nine months of excessive weight gain, sickness, vulnerability, ect.... it's nicely written, and for me is so TRUE. 
The article makes me feel better that I am not the only one gushing about how beautiful being pregnant is, because for me it is SO worth it, but it is anything BUT beautiful...............


On that note. I have a little less than 3 months to go. I cannot wait to get our baby girl here, and complete our family. I am so in love with her already. 

Check out the artwork for little Miss Brooklyn's room---love, love, love it!! :) 
Her bedding is Gray and Yellow. Girl's are so much fun to decorate for! 

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