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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


We live less than 5 minutes from the BYU stadium. Jack has a BYU themed room. He thinks he is going to play there some day. And he just might. :) 
 Our neighbors gave us a bunch of free tickets to a snowy BYU vs Idaho game and we decided to brave the cold and support the Cougars. We invited Lee's brother and family to join us. 

 It was cold, and my belly was huge, but I'm glad we went. Jack fell asleep mid-game but he was still so excited to be there, cheering with the band and loving the energy of the game.
 Sleepy boy. 

 Lee is a big BYU fan, I suppose eventually we will get season tickets to the football games, considering we are life long Provo residents and love BYU
 My only regret was that I didn't get the hot chocolate they were selling in the cool BYU mugs- next time.

 We left around half time- the cold was just too much for the kiddos. But the Cougars won by landslide.

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