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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Halloween at our house 2012 went a little something like this............
 Cute treats from the someone in our neighborhood. Dad and Jack had fun leaving cookies for other un-suspecting neighbors the next night.............knock--run---hide---watch---repeat. 
 We picked the perfect pumpkins from the Red Barn in Salem. 
 Jack was so excited to wear his Bobba Fett costume (star wars) to his preschool party at Learning Dynamics
 All ready for the big night. 
 This is the skeleton Grandma gave us. When u push a button near its belly it starts to shake and laugh. I'll admit it was pretty creepy, shaking its little jail bars yelling let me out. Jack was both terrified and fasincated by it at the same time. :) 
 Aunt Cher joined us for some trick or treating. Cherlyn and Jack are doing their famous booty shake dance for the camera. 
 Best costume we saw all night. :) Love our neighborhood. 
 We live on the mountain, so every road coming to our house is uphill. My prego self didn't make it too far trick or treating, but we hit up a few streets, and Jackson got more than enough candy. 

 We had a lot of trick or treaters from the neighborhood stop by, it is so much fun to see all the cute kiddos and their costumes. 

Happy Halloween. Until next year. :) 

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