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Saturday, December 22, 2012

December Goings and Comings

 Our first December in our first home, we had a lot of fluffy white stuff. We liked it best when it had just fallen- fresh clean, hanging from the tree's like it was painted there. 
Beautiful White Wonderland. 
Meet Mrs. Garret. Jackson's 2nd year preschool teacher. This lady is awesome. She has taught Jackson so many things including the ability to read. We are so proud of our big boy, and grateful for good teachers. This year they put on a special Christmas Program.Grandma made the trip to see Jack's prorgam. Sissy also attended her first outing besides the doctor at two weeks old. 

The little Red Elves of Learning Dynamics Preschool. 

Our Mountain has been white for a long time. We love having all of the seasons in Utah, it makes us APPRECIATE Spring so much more. :) 

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