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Thursday, April 4, 2013

April Showers

 In April, Baby Cakes turned 4 months old. She is so precious. Her hair is dark auburn, and her eyes look like they are going to be brown like her brothers. From day one she has been the easiest baby. She has slept 10-12 hours at night since the day I brought her home from the hospital. She is a great eater, and happy in basically any situation and with anyone. I am so grateful for her calm temperament, at such a bust time in my life. She is the newborn in the house, but probably the calmest member of the family.
 We had a little Easter Egg hunt in our yard for Jack and cousin Blakely.
 Uncle Janzten had fun hiding a ton of eggs for the kiddos.
We still love living next to our mountain. The snow is melting quickly, and Spring is in the air.
 We love playing dress up with this cutie
 And this handsome guy is doing awesome as a Chiropractor. Lee is ready for summer to be here, so he can hit the trails on his mountain bike.
 Gold's gym lunch date
 Typical Thursday.

My warm bunnies, on a hike up Provo canyon. 

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