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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

5 years old!!!

Jackson really got into planning his party this year. He was very specific that he wanted a water party, and he wanted to play on the tramp and slipping slide. I planned a water themed party which included,  a shark watermelon cake, way too many water balloons to count, fish pinata, and lots of cute little boys in swim shorts. 

 My first baby who made me a Mom is 5 years old.
 It seems as if he has always been with me, I like most parents cannot imagine my life without him. He completely changed me, before Jack I didn't understand how valuable the role of a mother was, I didn't understand what it truly meant to love a child unconditionally.

Here are some of my favorite things about Jackson Lee:

1. He is witty. He has an interesting sense of humor and can tell jokes, calling people out with they are telling half truths, and making wise cracks when someone slips a word up.
2. He is very inquisitive. He never stops asking questions. He loves anything science, and discovering new things, he is especially interested in Geography. Jack loves to bring us the globe and ask where different locations are, as well as point at his own maps in his room telling his friends where the states and countries are.
3. He is an amazing older brother. I had some initial hesitations on how Jack would do after being an only child for so long, but he exceeded every expectation. He is so kind and gentle with his sister, he genuinely worries about her getting hurt, or in trouble. He watches out for her and protects her fiercely. A common voice around our house is Jack exclaiming "Where is baby cakes?" He is overly concerned about her location at all times.
4. He is kind. He will still hug me and tell me he loves me. He loves his family, and extended family. He makes sure to give hugs and extra love to those who are having a hard day.
5. He is honest. He will tell the truth even when it will get himself or others in trouble.
6. He is cautious. His Dad feels like I have made him afraid, but in reality I have raised a very cautious boy, who doesn't run out in the road, and is very aware of danger.
6. He is wise beyond his years. He can recall detailed information about past memories, and carry on very in depth adult conversations with me. He has always been a little smarty pants, sometimes I wonder if he is almost too observant for his own good. He is a beautiful little spirit,  and I am so grateful that I can call him my son.
Happy 5th Birthday Jackson, we love you.

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