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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Boys Gold Mining

Lee had the opportunity to go with two of his brothers and Jackson to Quincy California to the Rich Bar gold mine, along the feather River during the last weekend in September.
Lee has always loved gold mining, and had visited this sight a few times prior having known the owner. Lee and his brothers were able to use a Sleuth Box to sift for Gold deposits along the river bottoms bedrock of the Feather River. They stayed at a little cabin, and enjoyed having a boys weekend. Jackson espcially enjoyed having a boys trip in Dad's new truck.

Jackson was exhausted from all of the hard work. He loved lifting up rocks and teasing the crawdads that were in the river. He spent his days digging in the dirt while the men worked. They didn't find as much Gold as they had wanted to but they found some, about 100.00 dollars worth. Lee had a great time with his brother's Pete and Ben, and was glad that the deer they hit on the way there caused minimal damage to his truck.

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