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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Girls Night!!!!!

When 6 girls get together kid free and no husbands in sight, it is going to be a great night.

We booked a room at the double tree hotel, the weekend before I moved to Portland to enjoy each others company, and give me one last night in the city with my favorite Portland girls.

This is a picture of Nicole telling the helpful security guards that we

had lost our car, Tahsha and I were laughing so hard and taking it in stride (............i mean we knew it was in a smart park right? just not which one.........) Nicole on the other hand knew this was no laughing matter :)

This is Nicole frustrated at the lack of car available, as well as Tahsha's and I's attitude of indifference towards the situation! love it!

It was a fun night with H&M shopping, a lost and found car, happy hour at Henry's

And the best group of girls and friends I could ask for, love u guys!

I can't say that alot of sleep was involved in our night, considering we managed to get room #666 which encouraged a few attempts at scary stories, which were quickly put to a stop by others. :) Though lots of chatting was involved, life stories shared, and enough laughter to help everyone remember a good time.

Can a girl ever have too many girls nights out? No, of course not.

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